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My Design Process

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

The most common question I am asked from potential clients is

"Sooo... How does this all work?"

I completely understand! The design process can seem overwhelming, and if you've never worked with an interior stylist before, you may be wondering what you're getting yourself into. Fortunately, I've had the opportunity to iron out my procedures over the past year, ensuring a fun, stress-free client experience and beautiful results!

Furnishing and styling a home takes time and great detail. Every design that I create is intentional and functions uniquely for you. After all, you're inviting me into your home and life; that's not something I take lightly! There is a level of trust required to execute a home project, and I hope that I can foster that connection today by providing a clear picture of my design process!

Let's get into it!

I. Consult

My design process begins with a 90-minute consultation. During this time, we discuss your style, tour your home, and identify any existing furnishings you'd like to keep in the new design. I will have some prior knowledge thanks to the new client questionnaire you received before scheduling the consultation, but this meeting gives us more time to talk the nitty-gritty details!

Before touring the home, we identify your style preferences! To do so, we peruse a catalog of design styles I have categorized on my Pinterest account. We must decipher which look you're drawn to and what design elements you love. I invite you to be completely honest during this process! For this step, channel your best Gordon Ramsey, but maybe Master Chef Ramsey... not Hell's Kitchen Ramsey!?

After the style analysis, we tour the room(s) you'd like me to design. I take note of the items you wish to bring into the space and how you want it to function for you. The running wish-list will give me an idea for the amount you will need to invest in the furnishings and decor. Don't worry, the "B" word (budget) will be addressed again momentarily!

It's also during this time that I ask one of the most important questions: How do you want the room to feel? For example, if it's a space for entertaining, you may want it to feel warm, inviting, or grand. Whatever the feeling is that you desire, it's my job to ensure I capture that in your design!

Okay, let's talk BUDGET. It's so so SO important to provide a tru estimate in the design questionnaire or at the consultation. A common phrase I hear when discussing the budget is "But I don't know how much these things cost." However, furniture and decor prices vary GREATLY, and therefore, client budgets vary as well. Let me know what you're comfortable investing in your dream space, and I will do my best to make it happen! (But remember: I'm good, but I'm no Mary Poppins, okay?!)

And just like that - our initial consultation is complete! Before I go, we'll confirm your style preferences, budget, how you want the room(s) to feel and function, and the furnishings you wish to purchase.

After our consultation, you will receive an email outlining the details of our meeting. It will also list the number of hours I believe I will work on your project, which will determine the design fee.

II. Concept

If you're comfortable with the estimated product budget and design fee, I will send an agreement for you to sign. The document simply outlines the room(s) to be designed, my responsibilities as your stylist, and details on the pricing elements.

After the agreement is signed, the fun begins! Every project starts with a group Pinterest board shared between you and I! I will also send you a questionnaire to complete. Although we discussed your style during the initial consult, the pairing of the visual and written methods allow me to get a complete idea of your style and expectations. This step is an absolute must before I spend any hours designing because we have to be on the same page from the jump!

Next, I begin working on your design concept document, which I will present to you via email. Because of the details included, the concept document can take 1-3 weeks to create depending on the scope of the project.

Your concept document includes*:

  • Inspiration images to reflect what the design will look like

  • Mood-board for each room with confirmation on color palettes, textures, and patterns

  • A floor plan to scale of each room with all proposed furniture

  • A detailed explanation of changes to be made in each room

*Concept document components can vary depending on the scope of your project!

Upon receiving the document, I ask you again to be as honest as possible and provide feedback on the designs! You may not love everything that I present to you, and that's perfectly okay! Again, honesty is the best policy here! We should discuss these elements so that I may promptly revise them!

After reviewing the concept document, you know what your home will look like and what small changes I need to make before putting your product list together.

III. Detail

With your concept established, I can now put together a product list for you to review! This step in the process can take 1-3 weeks depending on the scope of your project, as there is a lot to include! From curtain rods and pillows to rugs and wall sconces, the list can be extensive!

I use a shared document to present the product list, which is equipped with direct links, prices, any shipping costs, and additional notes. Your job is simply to approve the list of products! For most clients, this step is a breeze! There should be no surprises since we discussed the design at length and in great detail in step three.

During this step, we will also discuss any trade work that needs to be done. When you hire Cheyenne Paige Interiors, LLC, you are hiring a small-business, so please note that I am currently a one-woman show (who can sometimes persuade her fiancé to help by compensating him with food hahah)!

I am working to establish trade relationships in the Austin area and have a contact for my Austin clients. However, I also happen to know the best handy-woman around... ME! I'm skilled in hanging gallery walls, installing curtain hardware, and more! Don't let my blue tools fool ya - I'm legit! Clients often appreciate this service, as it saves them some $$!

IV. Source

Once I have your approved list of products, I will send an invoice your way! I source a majority of my products from trade suppliers, not retailers, so that you can enjoy exclusive pricing.

When your payment is received, all orders will be completed and deliveries will be organized to your home. You are listed as the delivery contact, as this is the most efficient and affordable way to source your items. Some decor pieces can be delivered to me for an additional cost!

V. Style


It's my favorite part of the entire process - styling! During this step, I travel to your home to build and arrange furniture and to perform any trades that I can! Installation may take a few days, so I ask that you are flexible when scheduling this step of the process.

When installation is finished, I will create a list of the small decor items that need to be purchased to finish the room(s), such as baskets, bedding, or plants. The finishing touches are hand-picked by me in-store, and then, I return to your home to style and hopefully photograph your new space!

I do prefer that clients step away during this step! Before you freak, hear me out!! Most people who hire me do so because they are unable to visualize a completed, styled space on their own, and it's for this reason that I ask that you to trust

  1. Yourself (after all, you've seen and approved alllll of the design and styling elements!) and

  2. Me! Lucky for you, I'm meticulous and creative, so rest assured that while you're away, I'm working my magic... And let me tell you, you won't be disappointed!

This brings us to the REVEAL! I love watching clients' react to seeing their new space for the first time. From both a stylist and client perspective, it's SO gratifying to see weeks and months of planning come to life. You deserve to love where you live, and I cannot explain how much I love making that your reality!

After leaving your home, I stare at the photos for weeks, texting you so we can obsess together all over again and decide what project we're going to tackle next ;)


Wow! Okay... I know that was a lot of information, but I reeeally wanted to provide you with a comprehensive look into the design process! The journey of making over your home can seem like a daunting journey, but my process allows you and I to tackle it with confidence and trust, creating a stress-free experience and beautiful results EVERY. TIME.

Does my process align with your needs and expectations? I'd love to hear more about your home and see if we're a good match! Fill out the contact form on my website, and I'll be sure to get back to you!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me at!

- Cheyenne

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