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Organizing Products: What Is & Isn't Worth Your Money! (A Pro Organizer's Opinion)

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Home organization is here to stay... and for GOOD REASON! Clarifying belongings and streamlining routines can reduce stress levels and improve household efficiency. The best part? Organizing has never been easier!

Organizing products are easy to find in stores such as Target, Walmart, and The Container Store, and with Amazon, you can organize your pantry without ever leaving your house! However, there seems to be a product for EVERYTHING, so shopping can be overwhelming (even for a pro organizer like myself!). With so much to choose from, you may find yourself over-thinking and over budget.

In this blog post, I'll share the organizing products I think are worth your money and which items you can swiftly "remove from cart."

A quick disclaimer: Everybody is different! We all have individual preferences and inventories, as well as spatial challenges to work around! All of this is to say that you may benefit from some of the items I deem "unnecessary," these are just my opinions based on my previous projects and client feedback :)


Organizing Products Worth Your $$


My go-to for shelves and small spaces! I love displaying a wide range of products on lazy Susans, from condiments in the pantry to hair products in the bathroom!


Concealing your items in bins is an absolute must. It makes a HUGE difference in the overall look and feel of the space you're organizing! Add labels and you've created a tidy system that anyone can maintain.


I have three tiered shelves in my small apartment kitchen. THREE! One for canned goods, one for spices, and one for coffee mugs! They are incredibly versatile and are so satisfying to organize.

This clear tiered shelf was the perfect way to display my client's beauty products! (Do you see the versatility?!)


A no-brainer. I think people with tidy drawers have their entire life together, even if they don't! Hahaha. Bathroom and kitchen drawers often have numerous categories and are used by multiple people, which is why I always recommend using drawer organizers in these spaces!


I know canisters aren't for everyone, but I love them SO much. Not only are they beautiful additions to cabinets and pantries, they let you know when you're running low on the item and make for quick meal prep!


This is one of the few "item specific" products I approve of! Stackable water bottle organizers save space and are incredibly practical. Bottles and their matching lids don't always fit upright in cabinets. With vertical storage, you're able to place the lid on the bottle, ensuring that the pair stays together at all times!


Organizing Products NOT Worth Your $$


I think that these products are great in theory, however, they look a bit dated and the "arm" of the product can make storing items on the shelf above a little tricky!


I've yet to come across ANY soft storage solutions that I would use or recommend. The lack of structure makes it difficult to move and causes shoes to shift around! You also can't stack them on top of each other, so...


I don't care how many shirts or scarves I have, I will never purchase special hangers! I probably shouldn't say NEVER, but yeah, no... never. They just don't function the way I need/want them to, and most of the options available are NOT cute!


I tend to lean more towards a minimal lifestyle, and because of that, I don't hold onto items that I don't wear. If a piece of clothing needs to be stored in a garment bag, it probably means I won't wear it.

I understand that sentimental pieces may require a protective cover, but plastic garment bags can promote mold growth and cause discoloration! Opt for cotton garment bags instead.


When taking on a new organizing project, I always have to remind myself to KEEP IT SIMPLE!

Do I love the variety of products available? YES! I could literally spend thousands of dollars at The Container Store. Do I think that some of the organizing products out there aren't worth the money? ABSOLUTELY.

If you ever find yourself overwhelmed when shopping for organizing products, take a deep breath, refer to your organizing plan (I have a step-by-step pantry plan in another blog post if you need an example!), and remember to keep it simple! You got this!

If you'll be organizing a space in your home soon and found this post helpful,

be sure to pin the image below so you can reference the products later!

What are your favorite organizing products? Let me know in the comments below!

Thank you for reading! Have a great day!

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