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Organization Arsenal: Closets & Dressers

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

To kick-off "Organization Arsenal," a series in which I share the products I keep on hand for organization projects, I thought I'd begin with clothing storage!

I've gathered a few products within each of these categories: drawer dividers, accessory storage, shoe storage, and hangers. You can shop these products below using the links underneath each photo.

I can post specific tips for organizing clothing (folding techniques, categorization, etc.) in a separate blog, so if that is something you're interested in, please let me know in the comments (here or on my Instagram / Facebook)!

Happy organizing!

3. Foldable Storage - starting at $9

4. Twill Drawer Organizers - starting at $5.99

1. Room Essentials Hangers (Set of 18) - multiple colors, $2.25

2. Velvet Hangers (Set of 30) - multiple colors, $18

1. Cap Organizer - $9.99

2. Stackable Velvet Jewelry Trays (Set of 3) - multiple colors, $21.99

3. Shelf Dividers - starting at $13

4. Tie Hanger - $7

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