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Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Makeover

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

When Linzy approached me about designing their apartment bedroom in January, we had no idea the twists and turns that the early months of 2021 would have in store for us. Winter storms pushed back delivery dates, pieces were lost in the mail, and paint colors that we thought we loved simply didn't stand the test of time. However, the end result was worth it all, and I'm so excited to share the details of their space!

I was gifted a blank canvas because Linzy and Steven had not lived in the space for very long! In fact, they were still waiting on a frame for their mattress! I loved their nightstands and stitched quilt, as well as their large windows that flooded the room with natural light.

After talking design styles and browsing Pinterest, I needed to contact the apartment management to identify any painting restrictions. We were told that tenants could paint walls, but trim, doors, and ceilings are off-limits... Not ideal! In a perfect world, I would have loved to paint the doors and trim to match the aesthetic that Linzy was after, but I was able to curate a design that we all loved.

Here were my "must-haves" for their space:

  1. An accent wall - a rich color that would provide contrast to the light colors in the rest of the apartment and provide visual interest

  2. Mirrors to make the room appear larger and more open

  3. Widen and rise the existing curtain rod

  4. Clothing storage - under-the-bed storage or a dresser

I. Painting

The first step in the couple's room transformation was painting the accent wall. We chose Winter Way by Behr in an eggshell finish because of its richness and green undertones that complemented the gray-green trim and doors, as well as the new rug. However, after living with the first coat for a few weeks, we decided to paint it back to the original color. The stark difference in wall color in the small space made it feel too disjointed from the rest of the room.

During this uncertain period, I also sourced the mirrors, a duvet and duvet cover, a matching grey euro pillow, and lamps for the space.

II. Refinishing the Dresser

Linzy and Steven decided to purchase a dresser instead of utilizing under-the-bed storage. To make room for the piece, they had to sell the desk that was under the TV, and they used the money from the sale to purchase this wooden dresser I found on Facebook Marketplace! We had plans to refinish a Facebook find from the beginning to fit their budget, so although the wood tone was beautiful, it just wasn't right for their space. The size and storage space was perfect, though.

I'll save the process for another post!

III. Window Treatment

Window treatments are an important component in any room, but they were even more crucial in Linzy and Steven's apartment bedroom. The two windows in their bedroom make the space feel so much more open!

Because there was no room on either side of the windows for any furniture, we were able to widen the curtain rod significantly to ensure that the curtains would not cover valuable window space when drawn. A good rule of thumb when hanging curtain rods is to place them as high as you can to make a room feel taller, but, we ran into a problem when the curtain panels they purchased were not the length advertised. Even after purchasing a new pair, the length was still too short, so we decided just to roll with them!

To increase the length of the curtains, I used some IKEA curtain rings I had on hand. In addition to adding length, they are great for making affordable curtains look more expensive. Then, we hung the curtain rod level with the frame so they wouldn't hover above the ground.

IV. Styling

When styling their bedroom, I made sure to keep in mind Linzy and Steven's inspiration. Cozy and bright with a mix of woods and textures. To balance out the room opposite of the bed, I stacked two pieces of colorful wall art above a gorgeous woven basket. Adding the faux Audrey ficus also brought life into the space!

On top of the dresser, I placed a beautiful, blue stone tray to hold their jewelry, room spray, and a small faux potted plant. Decor books, a vase, and a couple of candles finished the dresser beautifully.

Here's what Linzy had to say about their room transformation:

"I’ve lived here for almost a year, adulting harder than ever, and this is the first time I’ve felt relaxed and comfortable in my apartment! With such a small space it’s hard to feel that 'comfort' a true home brings, but NOW?! I feel at ease, and life itself feels a little less chaotic when I come home to THIS! @bycheyennepaige is a miracle worker and I can’t wait to do the rest of my space with her! 🥂"

I truly cannot believe how light and airy the space is now! The dresser adds beauty as well as function, and their cozy corner nook balances out the room perfectly. I had so much fun designing for Linzy and Steven, and I'm looking forward to sharing their living room transformation next!



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